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Tina McSwain - Charlotte Area Paranormal Society

The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society (CAPS) • Tina R. McSwain, Founder & Director
CAPS is the oldest and most respected paranormal research and investigation team in Charlotte.  Its Director, Tina R. McSwain, has over 15 years of experience dealing with ghosts, hauntings, and other forms of paranormal activity.  Tina is also highly skilled in spirit rescue, house blessings, and house clearings, and is available to perform these specialized services. CAPS will have an information booth, and its staff will be on hand to answer any questions, listen to your ghost story or discuss a variety of supernatural or metaphysical topics.  We'll also have a laptop presentation of our best paranormal photos, as well as a listening station with some of the best EVP's we have captured from sites all over the United States.  CAPS paranormal investigations are free of charge.  CAPS does gratefully accept donations to go towards batteries, equipment, and other materials required for the continuation of our research.  Tina R. McSwain will perform a house blessing, house clearing, or EMF audit of your home or business for a charge of $60.00 - $120.00 depending upon size and location.
gostwatchr@aol.com • (704) 236-9678 • http://www.charlotteareaparanormal.org